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Hello and Welcome to my world. Here, you are free to feel as you feel without guarding your emotions, without acting matured and rational etc etc etc. Its an idiosyncratic world and you have every right to feel happy, sad, upset, cheerful, grumpy or whatever else you feel like! No judgements at all.
Oh, and while you enter, please leave you judgmental thinking, and stuck up attitude outside. It's a mad world in here already; and the least you could do is not add to the troubles. No one loves a drama llama ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Post hibernation post - Girl, It's Your Destiny

Okay, this is yet another attempt by me to come out of hibernation (read semi dead) since my last post was more than 5 years ago! This is something that I wrote quite a while back; and boy! can you see that I was upset. I have no idea what made me feel so unhappy and lost in life, but I am happy to report that I feel much better now. Not that lost anymore, well almost! But since I did feel what I feel, I thought it was best to post it here instead of let it remain as a scrap of paper. Because at the end of the day, feelings, however transient, are still feelings. They are a part of us, a part of who we are.

How dare you spread your wings
How dare you dream of flying
Girl, it's your destiny
Extreme low you need to keep lying

Faces one and faces all
Sweetest of all lies they say
Girl, it's your destiny
In the grip of trap you lay

They know that you are brave and strong
Difficult you have been to break
Girl, it's your destiny
It was never your call to take

As you lay broken and shattered
You wonder what was it that went wrong
Girl, is it really your destiny
To be crushed so hard and so long

Don't you try to get up now
Don't you try to find any reason
Girl, it's your punishment
For seeing life with enthusiasm and passion

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