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Hello and Welcome to my world. Here, you are free to feel as you feel without guarding your emotions, without acting matured and rational etc etc etc. Its an idiosyncratic world and you have every right to feel happy, sad, upset, cheerful, grumpy or whatever else you feel like! No judgements at all.
Oh, and while you enter, please leave you judgmental thinking, and stuck up attitude outside. It's a mad world in here already; and the least you could do is not add to the troubles. No one loves a drama llama ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For You

Ever missed someone so much that you wanted to pick them up from your memories and hug them?

I am miserable.
I miss you but I am scared to show it.
I want to talk to you but would hate to disturb you.
I want to hear your voice but fear being seen as desperate.
I want to hold your hand but am not courageous enough to make the first move.
I want to keep looking into your eyes but I ask you to not look at me instead!
Yes, I am miserable.
Miserably in love!

You are pathetic.
Do you miss me as badly as I do?
Do you want to talk to me till the end of this world?
Do you want to hear my voice just as badly as I want to hear yours?
Do you want to hold my hand till the day I die?
Will you look into my eyes as if time has stopped and as if there is no tomorrow?
Yes, you are pathetic.
But will you be pathetically in love with me? Forever?


Glimpses into the canvas of my life… said...

Love never ends...it goes on Titanic... But yes, I blv Time do compels man to loose his originality and change wth time which happens silently, which he himself is unaware of at times... But u wrote awesome!

Sutapa Mukherjee said...

@ Glimpses into the canvas of my life… : Thanks : ).. You say so true.. at times the changes that time brings in us are beyond awareness or comprehension of the human mind.

Devina said...

thanks. this was Debina ur student from bbs. possibly, u didnt recognize me...