Welcome to the World of Idiosyncrasies

Hello and Welcome to my world. Here, you are free to feel as you feel without guarding your emotions, without acting matured and rational etc etc etc. Its an idiosyncratic world and you have every right to feel happy, sad, upset, cheerful, grumpy or whatever else you feel like! No judgements at all.
Oh, and while you enter, please leave you judgmental thinking, and stuck up attitude outside. It's a mad world in here already; and the least you could do is not add to the troubles. No one loves a drama llama ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Isn't it strange that how there are always certain things that become more evident when we voice them, or perhaps, when they fall in retrospective of our situation or condition? For instance, they say that "Time is a great healer." We, however, I feel; probably do not realize its good and bad unless we face it's impact in our lives.

Two days ago, forgetting you seemed like the end of the world. Tears welled up every time I thought how you left mid-way; leaving so many things unsaid and unheard! Almost like stranding the conversation. Well then, was it wrong that I missed you? "You" who weren't my boyfriend, not even a close friend or a confidante even? Is it wrong to miss a random stranger for whom I develop a liking?

Then be it!! Cuz it doesn't work that way and I did miss you. But this too shall pass. Just as the pain has, the happy times spent with you have....this too, shall pass.
What remains is an emptiness. A longing. Of what? you might ask. I fear I know not the answer.. But who knows? Maybe the longing shall pass too! To be replaced by happy thoughts, memories, pain, further expectations and more longing.

And then...that too shall pass!

What remains then?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am the "Nothing" Girl

Maybe I like straight cut jeans
and salwar suit with flip-flops,
Maybe I don't like listening to rock music
and I'm not on the social mountaintops,
Maybe I don't care about the things
that make your worlds twirl,
Maybe you look at me and think:
See, what a nothing girl.

Maybe I like giving smiles
which seems to be a sin today,
And maybe I allow my imagination
to sometimes run away,
Maybe you don't understand this
and that's why you cannot see.
If this makes me a nothing girl,
Hey, that's absolutely ok with me!

The world makes you believe
your personality mustn't be detected,
Your face must be picture perfect
and wear clothes just the best, to be accepted.

But maybe..
Just maybe you know?
I look at you
and feel sorry that you're blind,
Robots you have became,
yourself you'll never find!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sapno Ka Vyapaar

Rishton ki iss andher nagri mein
Ek kolaahal sa chhaya hai,
Jhoothey vaade aur sasti kasmein lekar
Aaj phir ek lutera aaya hai

Pehchaan nahi paayega koi jhooth ko
Aisi uski maya hai,
Sunehrey sapney dikhata hai woh, Lage ke
Jaise aankhon pe pada koi saaya hai

Chhal kapat sab jeetey uskey
Aaj dil ko phir koi bhaaya hai


Bikhra chahat, yaadein kasmein bikhri
Bewafai ko bhi aisi wafa se usne nibhaya hai

Iss kadar huwa vaar, na sambhley hum
Pyaar bhi aaj lajaya hai,
Tanha chal pade the kabhi jis raah pe
Khud ko aaj wahin phir se tanha paaya hai